It is the distance that makes life hard. Back to where you belong. A place called Home. Into the unknown. Surely theres time for me and you.. Mysteries unfold. Petals of a flower. Every mile walked on coals of fire. Every crash landing back down to Earth. Every lost hope. To make it to the promised land. All roads lead to you. Our shy look into eachothers eyes. A transfer of energy felt in the Heavens. So many prayers surrounding us. So many Angels gazing upon us. So many forces of nature we overcame. So many nights lost to darkness. To see the sun shine again. The element of life added to a formula of chaos, to balance into a potion for revival. Take my time with you. A Holy task placed upon me. A pure soul made of Gods will. With all his Wisdom in your hands. All his armys protecting your life. Jesus walks beside you. You are my Legacy. Sofia Maria De Somma.

My Heart is A Sea

‘ What do you see, what do you see? My Heart is a Sea. My mind never sleeps.’

I came in this world,
At the time and place i was meant to be.
They used to tell me,
I could be anything I wanna be.
I just don’t want to be a wanna-be.
Now they only want me to be what they want me to be.
I’ve only seen what I was meant to see.
Hands to the sky for God to see.
Embrace the day he calls on me.
I should be dead,
But he has plans for me.
Look in the mirror for clarity,
All I saw was insanity.
The hardest part to me,
You might never know what you meant to me.
We were born with blood,
We were meant to bleed.

Used to pop the beans,
I was a fiend.
When i met the Devil he was selling dreams.
I’ll burn down the whole forest,
Just to plant a seed.

True Religion?
No true religions.
All the truths forbidden.
All the scrolls were hidden.

Wish I could go back,
Warn Adam before he bit in.
He sees the whole World from where hes sittin.

You say I’m trippin.
Hell ya I’m trippin.
If you could see the things I see from where I’m sittin.
Truth is,
I don’t really fit in.
Truth is my heart got wounds and you can’t fix em.
I knew the the Devil was alive,
Felt my body splitting.
Third eye open,
Now I’ve got the vision.
All I see is division.
Professor X,
school of the gifted.
All I seek is wisdom.
Pray for freedom and forgiveness.
No jail bars but my hearts imprisoned.
Forced to chase these dollars,
All for their Prisms.
All this pain,
For their capital gains.
Dried up rivers,
And Acid rains.
Why don’t they clean up Earth,
Instead they try to wash our brains.
I got mind control over mind control.
We got power in numbers.
All I see is ones and zero’s.
I guess I’m NEO.


You could sell your soul,
But really what do you gain?
You could eat the whole plate,
With an Xtra side of pain.
You could paint a pretty picture,
But it’s just a blood stain.
Just like my nose,
After 3 nights of Cocaine..
Has me feeling like,
The media lied about Cobaine.
The ones without shame,
Do anything for one night of fame.
Been through so many things,
Probably won’t ever be the same.
Been up to Heaven,
Where the trumpet bells rang.
Been down to Hell,
Where the Devil plays no games.
Somewhere in my childhood,
Staring at the rain,
through my window pain.

First I lost my Heart,
Then I went insane.
But it’s just the phases.

2pac said we always go through changes.
That’s why I write these pages,
Because the world is always changing.

My words are Legacy,
So they will last through the ages.

My words bring heat,
I got the Summer mad.

My lifes cold,
I told Winter he was faking.

Words may strike a cord,
Leave your body shaking.
Some have called me an Angel,
Some called me Satan.
I say let Bigons be Bigons.
As for me,
Rolling up a spiff with Bob in Zion.

How can you really be alive,
When all you do is look for the next Drug to get high on?

Random thought..
The first girl I made love to,
She had me driving her Scion.

But it’s the little things we take for granted.
You’ll know what I mean,
When your completely alone,
No shoulder to cry on.

You neglected your blessings,
No flying Nimbus to ride on.
No Angel on the phone,
telling you to come home.

You only get one shot,
If your from where I’m from.
My only friend is this pen,
And this paper to wright on.
A belief in my Heart,
That I can have anything I put my sight on.

But until that day comes,
Sit and meditate in silence.
Truth is they want to see my violence.
But I tune em out,
To the sound of my violins.

Trying to find my secrets,
But they don’t know what drawer my files in.

Go big or go home.
Well I don’t have a home,
So I’m coming for my thrown.
Funny how they never leave me alone.

But if they step to me,
I’m going to for toe,
I’m taking bone for bone.
So you can go home to home,
And tell everybody that you know.
Take over the Cornerstone,
And give it new life.

You can yell, you can fight.

Nothing that you do can take away my light.

Master of my Universe.
Your power is Mirage.

But I’m taking back my sights,
I’m taking back my rights.

This is a new age.
My limitations found a new stage.

Every new word gave meaning to the old ways.
The old ways laid tracks for the new page.

Now I’m smoking with the real Wizards of Waverly Place.
Living in the upside down,
And I’ve never seen Stranger Things.

X mark’s the spot,
Still looking for that golden pot.

I swear I died,
At least once or twice.
I felt the bullets go through my soul.

You said it was a dream.
I say it was a spiritual homicide.
Caught up in your web of lies.
Shed so many tears,
Now I control the tides.

I guess I don’t know my own size,
Since it’s Me against the World.
Have to keep on fighting for my baby girl.

When the Universes collide,
And it makes a perfect swirl.
Is it God?
Is it magic?
Is it just a 360?

How far will you go?
To break the whole cycle.
All your memories recycled.
Will you run and hide or face your fears?

Only two choices,
But you have to pick one side.
Don’t forget the golden rule,
The scales don’t ever lie.

The World keeps whispering,
Saying I’m the One.
All the pressure on my shoulders,
Almost went and bought a gun.

Fighting all these demons,
When the night cancels out the sun.
Got the Moon Goddess praying for me.
Got the Sun Goddess waiting on me.

I don’t practice Santeria,
I don’t practice Alchemy.
Overlords are after me.
Church fathers preaching blasphemy.

Anger and hate playing with my fate.
Questioning my faith.
Little do they know,
LOVE grows at exponential rates.
Casting light on sick & twisted faithes.

XXX and Temptation,
planted seeds for Hope and Faith.

Vibrations you can feel at the deepest level.

Music for your Soul,
Music for the Rebel,
Music for Evolution,
Music for Life.